Apple help & advice at your home or office.

To get professional Apple help at your location today...

If you have problems with your Apple device or need help with making sure everything is working, get in touch, I’d be glad to help or advise you.

Backup & Time Machine help
Applications crashing
Slow WiFi issues
Slow internet
Printing problems
iPhoto / Photos help & sync
Apple ID problems
iCloud setup
iCloud Family sharing
iPhone & iPod synchronisation
Sonos, AirPlay & AppleTV setup

Valued pricing

When you need any technical help, it’s always good to know what the costs are or will be before you commit to it.

That’s why I don’t charge an hourly rate. Instead, I give the client a fixed cost for the support they need.

Quick service

It’s quite simple, once we’ve made contact we’ll discuss your requirements and needs, then we can make a plan to take action & start the project.