Upgrade your Mac and get more use from it.

Want to speed up your Mac and get to keep it longer?

Upgrading your Mac is one of the best, cost-effective ways to give it a speed boost & keep the unit fresh and working for years to come.

Apple Mac upgrades

Speed up your Mac
Keep your Mac ‘current’
Use more applications
Create more space
And much more...

I was advised by him well to salvage my MacBook with some new bits, and now it's as good as new. I highly recommend him!

Prem Mistry

Pricing that works

Pricing depends on the upgrade you want/need. But rather than not knowing the full cost of an upgrade, I assess your upgrade options and give you a full cost of the upgrade. That way there are no hidden costs.

Quick service

Once I’ve seen your unit and we discuss your requirements, I can advise you on the best possible upgrades for your Mac. To get started simply book an appointment today.