If you have a website, have you ever wondered...

This should be a lot easier!
Why can I not just simple update my website without the need for a geek!
Can someone please just explain this simply?!

Well, it can be easier if you're using the right tool.

As you know, I'm an advocate for simplicity. Whether it's for the tools I use, or the workflows I implement for myself (and my clients)

In recent weeks I've been asked about issues with websites that my clients have and even got a few questions via LinkedIn.

Questions like...

Can you advise me on a good hosting provider
My hosting provider just change software now my site doesn't work, can you help?"
The SSL Certificate has expired, now my site is down

I recently posted a link to an article on LinkedIn about Wordpress being the most hacked CMS (Content Management System)

So why do people use it? Well, it's because it was the first most simple CMS there was at the time but it has got bloated and cumbersome to use.

My website was even built on Wordpress and it's 'was' great, however, building a website is never straightforward. There are a number of things you have to deal with...

  • ‍Design
  • Images
  • Coding
  • SSL
  • Plugins
  • Ease of use
  • Email
  • Domain name setup
  • Etc.

What if there was a tool to do away with all of this so you could focus on just the content and not the 'tech'

That's where Webflow comes in.

I've been building and rebuilding websites for myself and friends for many years, this was to learn the ins and outs as well as the fact it was just another 'tech' I enjoyed learning about.

So after 15 or so years of hand coding websites, I wanted to find a simpler way to build and deploy without the headaches.

After searching for a drag and drop HTML editor, I came across Webflow.

Within a few days I learned what I needed to and started to build my site. I managed to re-create my website within a few hours!

But that wasn't all, the whole process of getting the site live was seamless and I never had to worry about plugins, SSL domain issues etc. etc.

Happy clients

After a few weeks, a friend of mine who was starting a digital agency called The Odd Bunch asked me whether I wanted to build some websites for his client.

I said yes, had the meetings with the clients, showed them how easy it was to update and add content, then they signed up.

Two sites were built and they've never had an issue and are happy with the simple system they now have.