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Daily videos and podcasts about Apple-related topics as well as Tech Minimalism and how it can help simplify your the tech you use and your life.

Be busy doing nothing
Wouldn’t it be great to have all the time in the world to get all your work done? And have so much free time for yourself that you feel so bored being busy doing nothing?
Online vs offline Apple apps for your business
With many SaaS apps and services, you need the internet to function as a business. But what if you’re away or most of the time you work remotely and have no access to the internet?
Your tech foundation is vital to your business
When I talk to small businesses about their Apple tech and how it’s used, they often say they have problems with keeping track of things. My response is always: Having a solid tech foundation will help.
My Mac Dock – 06/22
After being away on my road trip, I thought it was time to switch it up a little and show you my latest Mac Dock setup. It's lean and functional with everything needed to run a business or two.
Not following the Apple ’how to’ herd
Are you interested in me making more ‘how to’ type videos? For me, my videos are about simplicity. And making sure my viewers and clients benefit from my ideas and thoughts.
Apple apps for your business
It’s not always necessary to go out and buy a bunch of software to run your business. You already have Apple devices with a tonne of software you could use.
Everyone’s always rushing
After being away in southern Spain, where life is so much slower, on the drive back I’ve realised people are always rushing for no reason. I feel the need to decompress by taking another trip just to relax!
Don’t 'unread' it. Deal with it!
Doing something later is ok at times. But when it comes to your email inbox, you have to deal with it at the moment you have read it. Leaving it ‘unread’ is a recipe for disaster.
Some like the complexity
Over the years, I’ve found that many like to complicate their existence for the sole purpose of looking good form the outside. Let me tell you now that ‘busyness’ is not a great way to live your life.
Parasitic complicators
On my road trip through Spain, I’ve been to Isolated beaches, pine forests and national parks, where I’ve spent the evening looking at the stars. Travelling back to ‘civilisation’, I’ve seen nothing but complications.

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