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Apple didn’t kill the password
Since last week’s Apple WWDC many have been talking about Apple ‘killing’ the password. Now, this could be true, as the PassKey system looks pretty convenient, but at what cost, and is it safe?
World of beauty and simplicity
The world is simple, but we insist on making things complicated. It’s not just me saying this. It’s been said in the past. But I still can’t fathom why people seem to love complicated BS!
Letting go is hard
It’s always nice to keep an old t-shirt or even an old bag, but to keep software or hardware you use o a daily basis just because you’ve used it for years isn’t always a good idea.
More life. Less work.
Hustle culture has to stop. We all need to work for obvious reasons like rent etc. However, do you need to work as hard as you are? I think the tide is shifting towards less work, more life.
Boost your productivity with constraints
You’ll often find that when you’re put in a position that’s out of your comfort zone, you’ll deal with the situation with resources around you and get it done. It’s no different when you have less tech.
Apple’s new productivity push
Every year Apple puts on a show called the WWDC for developers. And it previews the next operating systems for their devices. This year, it seems, they’re pushing into the productivity space.
Freedom to roam
Simplicity played a major part if you want to have the freedom to do anything you want, The more complex your life, the more annoying it will be. The same goes for your tech and how it’s set up.
Road to simplicity
We have too much stuff. We don’t understand why. We just need to find a way to have less and enjoy our lives. The road to simplicity can be hard, to begin with, but once done, you’ll let go of your burdens.
Don't fear failure
Failing at something is never a sign of a bad decision. It’s more of a success story than you might think. Failing often is more of a sign of your willingness to learn from those failures.
My iPhone setup for a road trip
It's always good to have your iPhone setup correctly when you're going on a long road trip

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