Apple specialist and tech consultant.

Don't you find that IT guys and departments implement technology because they want to use it, rather than think about what your needs are?

Well, having an independent consultant like me who has no conflict of interest with any software and hardware is the best way to get impartial help and advice.

My jobs a remote consultant is to be the Apple/tech guy between you and the boring and annoying IT and to make sure your systems are running the way they should.

Mac help, Apple advice and training

As an independent Apple IT consultant for over 30 years, I've helped 1000's of clients get their Apple devices organised and working efficiently.

My focus is to help you get your Mac, iPhone and iPads and the software you use working correctly, and give you advice about how to keep them all organised.

Here are just some of the ways I can help...

Email organised and simplified

Privacy and security checks

Speed up your devices

iCloud set up and advice

WiFi and network installation

I'd be glad to set up a session to help with any Apple issues that need to resolved.

Tech Minimalism and IT consulting

Being distracted with complications, notifications as well as tech & IT annoyances can eat into your time, so fixing these issue is a must for anyone.

Tech Minimalism is a simple framework I've developed to help save up to 40% of time that often gets wasted with disorganised tech and workflows.

Tech Minimalism can help if you're:

Frustrated with your IT & tech

Searching for a way to work effectively

Annoyed you never have enough time

Looking for a way to be more focused

Unable to figure out the best tech to use

Let's connect and see how we can simplify your tech so you can save time.