Email Harmony

Your email is a mess. You keep loosing important messages. Your constantly running out of space. You just want your email to work properly and not have things fall through the cracks.

- Simplify all your mailboxes
- Create a better archive
- Keep your accounts working


- 2 remote sessions
- 30 days of email support
- 100% money back guarantee*

All for only €379*

*All prices exclude Duch taxes at 21%. If you are located outside of NL, the EU or can not provide a valid EU tax number, 21% tax will be added to the invoice.

*Invoices to be paid in full before the first scheduled session.

*The 100% money-back guarantee is valid during the first remote session only. Please let me know at any time during our call so I can make arrangements for a full refund.

*If your project requires more time, this can be discussed during our call to make arrangements regarding fees and timeline.