Friday Fury

Friday Fury is a video series where I let it rip about anything in tech that I find stupid, annoying or downright wrong!

Friday Fury: Just ship it!
Is it just me? And I being oversensitive? I don't think so. Why should SaaS companies get away with releasing software and apps under the guise of; 'just ship it', when there are bugs and features missing?!
Friday Fury with Adrian Oprea
Fake gurus. Snake oil salesmen. And even non-expert financial advice. No, that’s now what we’re doing. That’s what we’re calling out. And in this Friday Fury, my last film of the year, I wanted it to be unique. So I enlisted a good friend, who I met on LinkedIn, Adrian Oprea, to join us as we wave farewell to the charlatans of 2021.
Friday Fury: Special episode
We often get advice from people around us that we love and respect. But often that advice is coming from a place of love and not from a perspective that we need to move us forward.
Friday Fury: Apple Support is a fucking joke
You know, one thing that really irritates me is people not doing their jobs properly. And I'm sure you are the same. If someone came to your house and try to do some work and it wasn't done properly, you'd get annoyed and basically try to get them to do it properly. Or in fact, get someone else to do it because they've already showed their incompetence at at, as, you know, what you hired them for what they're supposed to help you with.
Friday Fury: Whereby app
So today, I have a great treat for you today. It's Friday, Friday Fury. I just, I don't know where to begin. I'm going to show you a few things on my Mac as well. And I'm simply amazed at the stupidity that this company, product, SaaS, whatever you want to call it, they call themselves any fucking thing under the sun right now.
Friday Fury: I’m off to pick tomatoes in Spain
Is there anyone out there? Are you listening? Did you understand? Do you need any help? Shall I explain it again? Is this clear enough? Oh wow, maybe I should just go and pick tomatoes in Spain!
Friday Fury: Your business
Are you in control of your business processes? Well, you might find out that you’re probably not. Maybe something needs to change so you can take back control.

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