Happiness is time without friction

Happiness is time without friction


I talk a lot about simplicity and Tech Minimalism and everything to do to make life easier for yourself in the tech realm. You know, your working realm. But what I don't talk about is happiness and what happiness means, what happiness means to me, to you to anyone who works with these technologies.

Now, it might be such, it might be a weird thing to talk about happiness and Tech Minimalism, but happiness to me is... time without friction. Time without having annoyances.

I mean, friction is annoyances, right? So if there's friction between you and whatever you want to do, you and your thoughts, you and your ideas. It kind of takes away from your happiness in doing the things you're doing. So in your day, you want to be happy in your day.

You don't want to be glum and gloomy all the time, so you want to be happy. But, If you have that friction between you and what you want to do, or you and your happiness, it's not exactly going to be your day, right?

So your happiness is dictated by the friction that happens around you. The things that you have to do and the friction between you and it, but once you take that friction away, your happiness is your happiness. The way you work and the things you get done, you become more productive.

So yeah, take that friction away.

It was just something that I thought about yesterday, and I wanted to talk about it because I don't talk about happiness enough. And you got to ask yourself, are you happy? I know I am!

Anyway, have a great day, and I'll see you in the next one, ciao.

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Jul 7, 2021