Remote Support

By booking a remote session, I can connect to your Mac and help you with most issues quick, simple and easy. So book a session today and let's get started.

Simple way to get help

Available quickly

Advice always available

Effortless support

Private and secure


So you don't have to come to my location?


Nope! Due to today's technologies, there is a safe, secure way I can connect to you Mac and help you remotely. However, there might be some instances that a remote session will not work; in that case, we can discuss further to help you get back and working again.

How will you connect to my Mac to help?


I use several ways to connect to your Mac. They are all secure, safe and straightforward to use. Once you book a date for the Remote Session, you'll receive a link to download a small app, so I can connect.

Can you also help me with my iPhone & iPad?


Yes & no. This does depend on the issue. But once we're connected to your Mac (or on a call together), we can discuss the issue with your devices and resolve the issue swiftly for you.

How secure is my data if you remote into my Mac?


The remote apps I use to connect to client's Macs are secure and GDPR compliant, so there are no 'leaks' of data, and you can be assured that I always keep my client's privacy and data save at all times.

When are you available to help me?


I've made this very easy. You can check my availability via the booking form, and there you can pick a date and time that's convenient for you and you'll also get a confirmation email.

How it Works

Once you book a date for the remote session you'll receive a confirmation email with the date you have booked the session for.

When in the video call, I'll request access to your Mac via the remote session and help with any Mac issues you have.

If the issue can not be resolved remotely, we then make an appointment for a visit to my office or to your location, this will be charged at the normal rate.

The remote session costs €120 per incident (1-hour)

All prices exclude 21% BTW and 3% booking fee, if applicable.

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