Ben Soree

My greatest nightmare happened. The hard drive of my computer, which I need on a daily basis, 'died'. After two other companies told me it would take at least two weeks to repair it, for quite a steep price a friend told me about Kia.Kia, at MacJunky, was able to help me the same day and his rates were lower!

I did have a backup, but Kia would have been able to do data recovery at a good rate if that would have been necessary.

In a 'world' that seemed filled with typical 'Amsterdam arrogance' and bureaucracy MacJunky is a great exception, giving good service and willingness to help, and all that at a good price.

To all Mac users I would like to say: Make backups, with the Time Machine software it's easy and you never know when you need it!

Ben Soree
Posted on Oct 17, 2010 via Linkedin for Dead iMac hard drive