Save time & headaches with Tech Minimalism

Were you aware that people waste 40% of their work day on things that don't matter, and doing so creates friction and headaches?

Did you also know that in that 8-hour day, they fight more with technology than actually doing any 'deep' work?

Tech Minimalism can help you simplify all the tech you use so you can be more efficient, and even more productive.

He is knowledgeable, is a good listener, analyses thoroughly, develops and implements a "step-changing" plan. Integrating many aspects, ranging from security to efficiency and productivity.

Maarten de Groof
Maarten de Groof

Since I've gone through a coaching trajectory with Kia and every morning thereafter, when I open my Mac, supported by workflow practices and data security that allows me to focus on delivering true value to my own clients - for a brief moment, I have to think of 'my TechCoach', with deep gratitude.

Francesca Nardocci
Francesca Nardocci

Kia offered us the perfect solution for optimising our cloud storage issues and workflow, he even reduced our yearly costs by €10k with the implementation of G Suite.

Bernie van Welt
Bernie van Welt

How it works

Together we go through your whole Apple system and fix issues that'll help you become a Tech Minimalist!

In just 3 sessions you'll master your tech...

First session

• Go over your current system

• Discuss the best options for you

• Overview of Tech Minimalism

Follow-up session

• Clean up current workflow

• Implement Tech Minimalism

• Advice, help and training

Final session

• Questions about the new system

• Work on teethings issues if any

• Handoff with extra information

I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business. He's very skilled, patient and keen to help and make your life a lot easier!

Christel Mijers
Christel Mijers

Kia is a wealth of knowledge and his insights on technology and minimalism really challenge me to do better.‍ Thanks for all that you do Kia!

Paul Minors
Paul Minors

Kia has been advising on my tech mess, and every single call I have with Kia has saved me hundreds of dollars in the tech I should invest. This is on top of the hours that I saved from his streamlining advise on the tech processes I use daily for business.

Sebestian Ong
Sebestian Ong

The benefits

The goal is to get your tech, Apple devices and apps simplified so you can focus on your work rather than the technology.

• You get a system that works and works well!
• You get to use all your tech without friction!
• You get more time to spend on yourself!

You get all that by simplifying and organising your tech...

Simplified email

Truly love using email again by simply simplifying it! We'll fix your mailbox with no folders, and no pointless and complicated tagging system.

• Secure your mailbox

• Remove all friction

• Always be synced

Managed tasks

Having things fall through the gaps is a nightmare and a revenue suck! Let's fix it by making your task manager be your invaluable unpaid assistant.

• Never forget tasks again

• Create a solid workflow

• Always be on productive

Fully organised system

Not only your Email and Tasks but your Notes, Calendar and Documents will be optimised and on point too. So let's make them work for you.

• Remove tech friction

• Stop bad tech habits

• Always be available

If all this sounds interesting...

Being a small business entrepreneur I need my information at my fingertips, efficiently and clearly. Kia helped me set-up my digital office which allows me to concentrate on my core business.

Christel Mijers
Thomas Kloen

Kia has an enviable ability to assist, not just in solving problems, but also coming up with innovative ideas related to the business.

Paul Minors
Jeanette Leopold

I got to know Kia through one of his podcasts. He knows everything about a Mac. And more importantly, he can listen well, think along and give valuable feedback.Very nice to work with.

Sebestian Ong
Joost Eggen

Get started

No frills. No BS. No fluff. Just pick how you'd like to work, book your first session and we'll get started on fixing your tech friction...

Done with you

You have spare time to learn and understand a new system. You'd also like to know a little more about what's being implemented and why.

• 100% money back guarantee*
• 1:1 Secure remote sessions
• 30 days of private access

Done for you

You prefer the new system change to be done quickly and professionally without too much input due to your time constraints.

• 100% money back guarantee*
• 1:1 Secure remote sessions
• 30 days of private access

Doing it yourself

You'd like to understand the basics of Tech Minimalism and how it can help you with your workflow. So you'd like to implement it yourself.

• 100% money back guarantee*
• 1:1 Secure remote session
• 7 days of email access

*100% Money back guarantee for first session only. All prices exclude taxes.

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