I waste time with tech so you don't have to!

My mission is to be the Apple/tech guy between you and the boring and annoying IT you have running your life or business.

 Apple Specialist

The focus is to help you get your Mac, iPhone, iPad or any software you use to work, and advise on how to keep your devices in good order.

Here are just some of the ways I can help:

Email organised and simplified

Data privacy and security checked

Backup secured and scheduled

iCloud set up and synced

Installation help and advice

Tech Minimalist

Tech Minimalism is a framework that'll help save up to 40% of your time that's often wasted by disorganised tech and distractions.

Tech Minimalism can help if you're:

Frustrated with your IT & tech

Searching for a way to work effectively

Annoyed you never have enough time

Looking for a way to be more focused

Unable to figure out the best tech to use

Simplicity Expert

My clients often see how simplicity can help make them more efficient but often require help to implement and simplify their systems.

Here are some ways I help my clients:

Creating clear SOPs and documentation

Working as an external CTO for startups

Producing video content for outreach

Writing up business process workflows

Finding the simplest tool stack