Dmitry Badiarov

Kia! Oh, dear! You saved me months, if not years, of work by getting that data out of my dead TimeCapsule!!

I was so much relieved to see my old but extremely valuable data back. Now I am ready to go ahead with all that has been planned.It was lovely to meet you and Woof and I hope we meet some time soon like friends, not like a client and a business. It was a thoroughly pleasant experience meeting you.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


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Kia, you made my day, my week, month, year! I am saved! Thanks for getting this old valuable data out of my dead Time Capsule! It was a really nice experience meeting you (and your lovely dog Woof).

Hoping we meet soon. All the best, Dmitry

Dmitry Badiarov
Badiarov Violins
Den Haag
Posted on Jul 20, 2016 via Google for Data recovery from old Time Capsule