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How often do you think that your Mac, IT and Tech is too complicated, doesn't work the way you want, and just wish you had an easy and usable system? Yep! I know the feeling. I hear this a lot from my clients and I'm sure I can help you fix & simplify, just as I've helped them.

Help when you need it most
Advice on the right solution
Support available at all times
Training to make things easier
Coaching for better productivity

Being a small business entrepreneur I need my information at my fingertips, efficiently and clearly. Kia helped me set-up my digital office which allows me to concentrate on my core business.

Thomas Kloen
Cavalry Interim Recruitment B.V

I must admit that spending an hour with Kia Kamgar at his computer has caused my head to spin with excitement and new hope for streamlining my way of working in the future.

Rudi Goldman
Media In English

This guy is not a Mac-junky, he is passionate about his work and really loves to share with others, you can see it in his shining eyes when talking :-)

Hans Taselaar

Een werkelijke professional, maakt waar wat hij beweert, heb de indruk dat als hij een probleem niet op kan lossen het einde oefening voor je apparaat is.

Wietske Langedijk

Wow! Amazing! The service and help is there when I need it. One of the companies that really understands what service is.

Thomas Rietrae
Lassus Tandartsen

This help was desperately needed, skilfully executed and came just in time. I would recommend him for any emergency Mac situation.

André Günther
What Not to do When Choosing the Right Tools
Fewer Complications Lead to More Time
Daily Episodes
Kia Kamgar the Tech Minimalist & MacJunky with his dog Woof!

Hello, I'm Kia, a Tech Minimalist, Coach & an Apple IT Consultant. I started MacJunky here in Amsterdam on 2nd of April 2007 where I live with my dog Woof!

As a consultant for the past 25+ years, I've helped thousands of clients with their Apple issues with support, advice & even repairs.

Currently, as well as Apple IT Consulting, I'm also helping my clients realise their full technical and IT potential by coaching them into becoming Tech Minimalists.

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