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If You're Fighting With Your Tools & Want To Make It All Easier

Hi, I'm Kia. I help, train & coach professionals like you to become Tech Minimalists by organising your Tech & IT. That way you can be more focused on your clients and growing your business rather than fighting with apps and tools.

Christel Mijers

I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business. He's very skilled, very patient and very keen to help and make your life a lot easier!

Christel Mijers
Christel Mijers Levenstherapie

Apple IT Frustrations

We've all been there, loads of tools, apps and services. Not knowing how to use them, or how to implement them in our business.

Watching videos, reading blog post after blog post, listening to 'gurus' & 'IT guys' with anticipation, but not getting the right information for your business.

So, if you're...

  1. Frustrated with IT & want to find a better way to work
  2. Searching for a way to work more seamlessly with your clients
  3. Annoyed that your data isn't synced with all your devices
  4. Looking to find the time to work with focus
  5. Unable to figure out the best Tech to use
We Need to Talk
Bernie van Welt

Kia offered us the perfect solution for optimising our cloud storage issues and workflow, he even reduced our yearly costs by €10k with the implementation of G Suite.

Bernie van Welt

Tech Minimalism Benefits

Tech Minimalism a simple way to say no to unwanted distractions, notifications and fuss, and yes to having a clearer, calmer and more focused work environment.

Time is the most valuable thing we have and we can never get back once it's gone, so what's it worth to you and why waste it on complicated and annoying tech?

Tech Minimalism will help you with...

  1. Fixing your email organisation issues
  2. Removing distractions so you can be more focused
  3. Clearing out the unnecessary steps in your workflow
  4. Organising the files & folders on your Mac
  5. Realising better business outcomes using automation
  6. Finding the right tools to grow your business
  7. Saving time so you can enjoy life again
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Thomas Kloen

Being a small business entrepreneur I need my information at my fingertips, efficiently and clearly. Kia helped me set-up my digital office which allows me to concentrate on my core business.

Thomas Kloen
Cavalry Interim Recruitment B.V

Training & Coaching

You've probably already tried out a ton of tools and apps, but not getting anywhere, or wasting time in trying to make them 'fit' in your workflow to no avail.

Together we'll go though your workflow and work to find the best solution that works for you then actually implement it.

I'm always open to have a chat, so let's schedule a call so we can get introduced and see if Tech Minimalism is right for you.

My coaching includes...

  1. Personal IT & Tech coaching
  2. Dedicated private workspace
  3. Weekly coaching calls
  4. Recorded video sessions
  5. Scheduled check-Ins
  6. Overview of Tech Minimalism
  7. Advice on workflows
  8. Help with automation
  9. Support with Apple IT consulting
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Jeanette Leopold

Kia has an enviable ability to assist, not just in solving problems, but also coming up with innovative ideas related to the business.

Jeanette Leopold

Hi, I'm Kia

I'm a Tech Minimalist, Coach & an Apple IT Consultant. I started MacJunky here in Amsterdam on 2nd of April 2007 where I live with my dog Woof!

Kia Kamgar the Tech Minimalist & MacJunky with his dog Woof!

As an Apple IT Consultant for the past 25+ years, I've helped thousands of clients with their Apple issues with support, advice & even Mac repairs.

However, while working with so many professionals and businesses I've found that pretty much all have struggled with their workflows and how to use their technology.

In the past I too went through the same thing, but over the years I've found that minimising my digital footprint helps me maximise my output enormously.

It's simple really, and now having found the right tools to use to run my business, I want to share these techniques with you so you too can benefit from them.

I'm now using that knowledge to help my clients realise their full digital potential by coaching them into becoming Tech Minimalists.

Let's Connect
Rudi Goldman

I must admit that spending an hour with Kia Kamgar at his computer has caused my head to spin with excitement and new hope for streamlining my way of working in the future.

Rudi Goldman
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Daily Videos

In my daily videos I go though tips and general tech information on how you can simplify your workflow. You can subscribe to get them in your inbox.

Shahrukh Khalid

Definitely recommend to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service. Expect quality service, good communication and timely turn around.

Shahrukh Khalid


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