How to simplify your iPhone for a better workflow

How to simplify your iPhone for a better workflow

This week, I'll be walking through my iPhone set up and show you it's also possible to simplify that too.

Friction is a killer of productivity and focus. There are plenty of apps out there trying to take your hard-earned time, focus, and money away from you. So the simpler your workflow, the less tech you have, the minimum amount of apps you use, the more time you have to focus and get your tasks done.

Firstly, I often change my iPhone layout and dial it in to make it even simpler. So what you will see is probably different from the other 'What's on my iPhone' posts I've made in the past.

Apple released the new iOS with a Widgets feature where you can customise your iPhone with information from your favourite apps. So I started to think about the data I really needed to see.

It was quite simple, because I like to keep things to a minimum on my devices. As you’ll see, I picked the obvious.

I only have one screen on my iPhone, flanked by the iOS XXX screen and the new App Library screen. The reason for only having one page is simple: it's all I need and I hate the little dots at the bottom of the screen when you have more. Yeah I know, I'm very picky!

As you can see from the images, it's very simple and I have access to everything I need within only 3 pages. There's no need to go 'hunting' for an app though pages and pages of screens.

The main apps that tell me what's going on during the day are also easy to reach. They are my agenda, my task list and my email inbox. These are the only 'inboxes' I have. I will talk about 'inboxes' in another post.

The magic number here is 3. It's always 3. And it will always be 3. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. It fits with the way you brain processes information on screen and it makes it easier to pick an option when you're presented with only 3 options. Think about pricing grids on pretty much any website you've been on.

I don't want to delve too deep into this, but I've found myself using the rule of 3, even with my tech and how I work. 3 areas of my life: Personal, Business, Work. 3 ways to work: Capture, Do, Archive, and so on.

This latter process is quite important to me. As I want to have an easy way to process my ideas, thoughts and actionable items easily and without friction. So I have created a workflow for myself to take advantage of this with 3 apps.

Capture: This first apps is called Drafts. It gives me a blank sheet whenever I open it so I can take notes, jot down ideas or anything that fills my mind.

Do: The second app is my task manager Things. Simple, to the point and I treat it as an unpaid assistant. It tells me what needs to be done and when.

Archive: My 'single source of truth' area is within Apple Notes. Once I have anything that warrants to be kept, it goes here. So blog posts, ideas, research, newsletters I write. Basically anything I need to access in the future.

As you can see, it's simple to have things within reach, you just have to organise and remove anything that gives you any kind of friction that disables what you need to do.

If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them, so let me know via email or put them in the comments section below.

How to simplify your iPhone for a better workflow

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