Time is your most valuable asset

Time is your most valuable asset


So, if I asked you what your most valuable asset was while you were running your business, in your business, what would your answer be? I know what my answer is, and that's time. And I think a lot of people don't quite understand that.

And the reason I say that is because whenever I work with a client or whenever I talk to a prospective client, they're always in back-to-back meetings. They're always saying they're busy. They have no time to have a meeting. 

And I never quite understand why, if you know, that time is the most valuable asset in your business, why it's never utilised better. 

For instance, I know a lot of people that have literally butt to butt, back to back, butt to butt meetings, with no wiggle room.

There are some people that do do it. I know a few people that do it, but many don't. So how do you have time in between to prepare how do you for your mind notes, whatever it is, for the next meeting? How do you have time to prepare that? 

So if your most valuable asset is time, if you actually agree with me, that is obviously, then that shouldn't be in your calendar.

You shouldn't have files all over the place because you're spending time trying to get that information. Whereas if it was in the right place, you'd know exactly where it is. 

Some people. Check their emails once a day. I don't. I check them throughout the day because I have the time I've, I've managed to figure out the time. The way I deal with it, to be able to check it whenever I want. But, sometimes it's good to say, okay, during this time, I'm going to check the email. 

So the thing is that it's not how you do it. It more to do with how you manage it. And if time is your most valuable asset, you really got to think about how you manage your time.

Without distractions, without annoyances, without headaches and fuss etc., then you can get a lot more done. 

We all have 24 hours, and we work eight hours. I guess I only worked three, possibly four a day, because I've managed my time. 

Anyway, have a great day. See you in the next one. And if you have any questions, there'll be a link here somewhere where we can have a call, have a great day.

See you then bye-bye.

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Jul 5, 2021