Kia offered us the perfect solution for optimising our cloud storage issues and workflow, he even reduced our yearly costs by €10k with the implementation of G Suite.

Bernie van Welt

Being a small business entrepreneur I need my information at my fingertips, efficiently and clearly. Kia helped me set-up my digital office which allows me to concentrate on my core business.

Thomas Kloen
Cavalry Interim Recruitment B.V

Kia has helped create order from chaos in our family Apple configuration: organising photos, assuring all files are Cloud protected, mess between users on Macs and Apple accounts resolved, etc.

Jasper van Ouwerkerk
McKinsey & Company

Kia has an enviable ability to assist, not just in solving problems, but also coming up with innovative ideas related to the business.

Jeanette Leopold

I must admit that spending an hour with Kia Kamgar at his computer has caused my head to spin with excitement and new hope for streamlining my way of working in the future.

Rudi Goldman
Media In English

Enjoyed the Mac Productivity Workshop with Kia. His enthusiastic approach makes you want to explore the possibilities of your Mac even more.

Nico Ooyevaar

This guy is not a Mac-junky, he is passionate about his work and really loves to share with others, you can see it in his shining eyes when talking :-)

Hans Taselaar

I would highly recommend Kia for anything to do with your Apple computers, software, workflow and productivity improvement and web advice for your business. He's very skilled, very patient and very keen to help and make your life a lot easier!

Christel Mijers
Christel Mijers Levenstherapie

MacJunky is fast and reasonably priced without a doubt & better that the Official Apple Store!

Ludwig German

Een werkelijke professional, maakt waar wat hij beweert, heb de indruk dat als hij een probleem niet op kan lossen het einde oefening voor je apparaat is.

Wietske Langedijk

MacJunky is voortaan onze netwerk & systeembeheerder!

Desmond Stevens

I was advised by him well to salvage my MacBook with some new bits, and now it's as good as new. I highly recommend him!

Prem Mistry

Vriendelijke man, goede service, zeer kundig en verder duidelijk en open over de mogelijkheden.

Josine Ten Berge

Kia was a great and professional helper in trying to find what was wrong with my Macbook Pro 17".

Lennard Bonapart
Bonapart Media

Kia's really generous with his help even for the apparently stupid mistakes. If anything, definitely reach him out!

Hyojin Pak

Dat kon ik wel gebruiken, na wat omwegen in een woud van adviezen. Dit werkt!

Monique Peperkamp
Theory at ArtEZ

Super blij met deze Macbook expert. Snel, duidelijk (ook voor niet-techneuten) en eerlijk over te verwachten resultaten of mogelijkheden van reparaties.

Caroline den Hollander

Wow! Amazing! The service and help is there when I need it. One of the companies that really understands what service is.

Thomas Rietrae
Lassus Tandartsen

Great service at Mac Junky. Kai is friendly and efficient - will definitely be returning with any issues in the future!

Atticus Harris

Kia updated my (2009) iMac, which was getting annoyingly slow, by installing extra memory, a new harddisk and doing a clean install and it's running perfectly again! Thanks again, Kia!


Kia looked at my Mac, told me what the problem is, and how to solve it, and Solved it. Easy! Thanks a lot!

Andra Bercea

Definitely recommend to anyone wanting professional, efficient and friendly service. Expect quality service, good communication and timely turn around.

Shahrukh Khalid

An enriching conversation and professionalism minus any geek grandiosity. Easy to recommend.

Natasha Golding

If you have a Mac problem: Kia is your guy. I completely recommend him.

Dorien Admiraal

Kia helped me out after a crash of my SSD on a wrong and busy moment. He was able to help fast, and gave good advice what to do.

Anton Paardekooper
BBBL Solutions

It is great to have an Apple expert close by and available. Kia responds quickly and gets the job done. Great guy as well.

Arjan Bartlema
J.C. Bartlema Holdings B.V.

Tevens veel gratis advies gekregen over software, een aanrader dus!

Gijs van der Meer
Source creative productions B.V.

Voor mij als bijna digibeet een gulden overbuurman Kan altijd even binnen lopen voor advies.

Henk Vissers

He was a pleasure to work with and should I have any future Mac problems I will be calling him.

Lindsay Costello

Great service. If you suddenly have a problem with your mac, don't hesitate contacting Kia.

Yulia Kryazheva

Fast & Friendly & a lot more. Kia fixed my laptop last week. I recommend him to anyone.

Annemarije Schoonbeek

Great guy, great humor and solves the problems on my mac that needed to be fixed so I do not waist any time looking at the "spinning wheel". Highly recommended!

Patrick de Zeeuw

Kia was welcoming, competent and easy to deal with. What else is there to say?

Johannes LaSerda

Kia proved that with some creativity and persistence, even a computer has nine lives.

Marieke Voorsluijs
Club Geluk

Quick and good service. Tells U everything upfront, no surprises. He is not the cheapest but certainly delivering a good quality job.

Theo Geerding
AGG Consultancy

Found Kia via Google and was impressed by all the great reviews he got by real people. Turned out a great decision.

Pierre van Veldhoven

Very Honest and helpful!

Stefan van Dijsseldonk

Prima geholpen bij mijn Apple Macbook Pro, moet even clean install doen, maar dan zou alles moeten werken!!

Emile Steginga

THE best! Fast and expert! Lovely dog too. My mac is like new.

Denise Notermans

Snel en zeer deskundig geholpen nadat mijn imac gecrasht was. Kia hield me goed op de hoogte van wat er moest gebeuren en van de kosten.


Snel en vakkundig geholpen door Kia van MacJunky. Kia heeft me hiermee enorm geholpen! Super service!

Kees Hendriks

Kia saved our precious moments in life and our state of mind! Our iMac was running so slow and the storage was full.

Lyn Tanilon

Fijne ervaring. We komen zeker terug maar hopelijk niet te snel. ;-)

Rachel Beers

Great service, fair price, professional and honest work. Also, a very nice person.

Jan Zeinstra
Delectat B.V.

Kia was able to see me, a few hours later. Locate the problem, the fan was off keel. And restore my computer to full working glory.

Charlotte Koenka

Daarnaast geeft hij ook advies voor in de toekomst, beter kan niet.

Cleopatra Boumans

Kia actually forwarded me to Apple without charging me as the problem should be fixed by them for free.

Mark Schenkel

Great work, great advice and service. Thanks again MacJunky!

Wolter Muller

This help was desperately needed, skilfully executed and came just in time. I would recommend him for any emergency Mac situation.

André Günther

Aardige gozer. Hij kon me helaas niet helpen met mijn probleem omdat de reparatie de kosten niet waard zou zijn, maar hij heeft me wel goed advies gegeven.

Niek Grootendorst

Just awesome! I recommend MacJunky with flying colors.

Jeremy Tweedt

Kia! Oh, dear! You saved me months, if not years, of work by getting that data out of my dead TimeCapsule!!

Dmitry Badiarov
Badiarov Violins

Really good service! He was immediately available. Highly recommendable.

Pablo Lopez

M'n Macbook pro uit 2012 was opeens uitgevallen, maar Kia had hem snel weer aan de praat en hij werkt weer perfect

Cas Stielstra

Helpful fast no waste of time. Fab!! Thanks MacJunky!

Rocsana Khan

Snel, efficiënt, aardig en betrouwbaar, gewoon een goed adres om zaken mee te doen.

Hans Stroeve

Betrouwbaar, deskundig en een prettige, vriendelijke persoonlijkheid.

Laura Grob
Mindful Matters

Kia has recently increased his likeability by adopting a giant fluffy dog. I now recommend him (Kia) to everyone.

Karina Meerman

When he was done working his magic and I pressed the power button of my laptop I was greeted with a working retina screen once again.

Martijn Verharen

I got my baby back within 3 days with a new keyboard! Huge thanks for that Kia!

Lara Kostic
Fly in the Soup Film

Well done to Kia from Macjunky, he comes across very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him for your Mac related problems!

Stefan Prins

Absolutely GREAT and fast service! After 3 days my Mac was fixed and all my documents recovered!!

Asha van Rooijen

A gentle and inspiring guy. I cannot recommend him enough! If there is a problem with your Mac, contact this magician.

Jorik van Ruiswijk

THE man if you have a Mac problem! Thanks Kia, I am happy to have found you (and Woof!)

Carolina IJben
Romantic Nature

Kia and his team (Woof!) are obviously very experienced and they are happy to help. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Antony Nobilo

Goed geholpen door erg vriendelijke en bekwaamde Kia Kamgar. Het was het goede adres voor wat ik nodig had.

Andra Perrin

Zeer betaalbaar en geen afzetter. Au Contraire. Aanbevelingswaardig.

Hester Vlamings

Ook niet onbelangrijk, een fijn mens als professional&zakenman: ik voel me er echt geholpen en voel dat ik niet bang hoef te zijn te worden afgezet. Echt een aanrader!

Anne-Marieke Visser

Kia has done an amazing job fixing our computers. I can only recommend his services.

Birgit Geiberger

Thanks for your help solving an urgent problem with managing multiple mail-accounts on Macs. Thanks a lot!

Frank Garten

I put in a quick call after office hours and got helped very gentle and informative!

Wouter van der Burg

Echt passie voor zijn vak! Trouwens ook een prettig en interessant mens. Raad aan om met Apple problemen bij hem langs te gaan!

Patrick van Styrum

I checked on Google and found that MacJunky had the best rating in the area. Excellent job done. Truly recommended!

Wouter Verster

Great quick service for a very reasonable price. This man is the best!

Tomek Günzel

Kan snel en op afstand werken en komt direct to the point. Dus het uurtarief wordt goed besteed. Zeker aan te bevelen.

Henk Bemboom
Daphnie's Diary

Onze Apple spullen zijn in goede handen. En daar ben ik heel blij mee. Een aanrader dus. Dank je wel!

Patrice Hijsterborg

Kia is a real professional. I liked his professionalism and his friendly approach. I would recommend Kia to anyone with Mac issues.

Nehmi Moya Klaassen

Thanks Kia, also for your explanations. My iMac is like new.

Netty Reininga

I have to admit that although I found him truly professional and fast in his service.

Andre Vondeling

Hij heeft er met mij een klant bij, ook al moet ik er 3 kwartier voorrijden! Helemaal top! Bedankt en succes!

Roger van den Eerenbeemt

Kia kept me up-to-date and providing clear explanations about what he found out. Definitely recommended.

Andre Maat

MacJunky is absolutely wonderful, both technically and personally. Kia takes your problems as his own and tries his best to find a solution.


Very thorough and professional service, great value for money and highly knowledgable.

Gethin Davies

Thank you very very much Kia... The one and only MacJunky!!!

Hakim Amnih

MacJunky is bevlogen en erg kundig. Gelukkig bleek er weinig mis met mijn Mac dus stond ik binnen een kwartiertje weer buiten.

Bruno Klekamp

Sorry geniuses and resellers, you won't see me again, I'll go to MacJunky!

Jeroen van Genuchten

After months of frustration, useless hours and days trying to get our inhouse wifi network installed and after spending money on network links which didn't work, Kia fixed it all in one day.

Judith Hendriks

Kia was a great help getting my computer back up and running. Quick service! *and Woof! is a great dog!

Leslie Oschmann

MacJunky toonde mij een gegarandeerde web winkel, en gaf aan welke uitbreiding toepasselijk is, en nu loopt mijn computer weer als een monstertje.

Lenny Bonapart

Kia is meestal snel ter plaatste om je al je Mac probleem op te lossen! Al die vernieuwingen kan ik bijna niet meer bijbenen, maar gelukkig is er MacJunky om te helpen.

Nick van den Berg
Miniati Reizen

Great advice! Great guy! Just go there and get your problem fixed!

Jasper Vergeer

Dank je Kia voor wederom de geweldige service!

Jelena Simidzija
Jelena's Fotografie

Voor ieder die niet elke keer de tocht naar een Apple store wil maken is MacJunkie een professionele troubleshooter!!

Vincent van Merwijk

Great Service... Instant Chat contact to a professional person... That I call helpful!

Klara Smart

He basically stopped me from buying a new MacBook (twice), saved me a lot of money!

Aik Deveneijns

He was clear and upfront with his terms and payment and I appreciated him keeping me up to date with how the work was going. Kia is a Mac magician!

Sam Tait

Kia helped me out over the phone a few times, being glad to help out, charging nothing.

Dick Holzhaus
Holzhaus International Concepts

Kia is recommended for his rapid response and nonsense action. would recommend him to all small business apple users.

Dick Rabelink
Al=consult BV

Kia was a life saver. He was able to restore files that I had lost. I would highly recommend his services!

Erik Luchs

MacJunky saved my life after somebody spilled a glass of wine on my Macbook, Machine is destroyed but he recovered all my data. Big Hug.

Hans de Kort
Hans de Kort Photography


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