Many of my friends, family and clients know, I’m opposed in using ‘The Cloud’ as a storage device for any of personal data, and with that, I’m very careful what he put on the internet privately or professionally.

That is why I’ll always advise my clients to only use The Cloud if it is absolutely vital to their business.


The main reason for this, especially in the light of recent events in the news regarding internet privacy and the ‘non’ oversight of governments, and the fact that System Administrators, of which I used to be one, have access to any and all data stored on the servers you may be using.

Not that System Administrators are evil, but the fact that the data can be access without your permission doesn’t sit well with me.

This is why I’ve always advised my clients to have their own server where possible and secure it so that no one can access it unless they have a very secure password.

So with that being said…

Why write all this in my Privacy Policy page? Well it’s just a background of what I think private data is and should be, private!–>


Any details that I’ve been given, passwords and systems I know about and have installed, the client information, including telephone numbers, addresses, in-fact any information that has been given to me, directly or indirectly by any of my clients will never be sold or give to any third party.


Cookies are used on this site for various enhancements to the user experience, anything from remembering your page location to giving me a better understanding of my clients via Google Analytics etc. If you do not wish this site to use any Cookies then please turn them off in your browser.

Private data is private

Rest assured that your details are safe on my company’s personal secure server (No Cloud here!) and password protected in such a way that there is no way anyone will ever be able to access it without my personal approval.

Summing up

I like to make clear that personal information should always be personal and private, and that I take it very seriously.

My terms can be found here.