I have pretty simple terms and they are listed below. It’s not necessary to have pages and pages of terms and conditions as I feel the most important thing is to get the work done, but in turn, I do understand these terms need to be noted.

  1. If a repair can be done within 2 (Two) hours it will be done without notice.
  2. If parts and/or more time is needed, for a repair, you will be notified after the first (charged) hour.
  3. There is a 1 (One) hour minimum fee for any work carried out.
  4. All work is charged by the hour, per hour.
  5. For on-site projects, there will be a 2 (Two) hour minimum fee.
  6. Remote support is charged per 15 (Fifteen) minutes.
  7. Data Recovery Diagnostics fee is charged if recovery is not successful.
  8. Full Data Recovery fee is charged if any data is recovered.
  9. All work carried out has a warranty of 14 (Fourteen) days.
  10. Refunds for any work carried out is available if I’ve had enough time to establish the exact issue, please contact for further details.
  11. Refunds do not include hours worked. Please see point 5 (Five)
  12. Recovered data that I am in possession of will be deleted after 7 (Seven) days of project date.
  13. Warranties for new parts sold is 1 (One) year from date of invoice.
  14. Warranties for batteries is 3 (three) months from date of invoice.
  15. Warranties does not include client data.
  16. Second-hand items have a 30 (Thirty) day warranty period.
  17. Cancellations within 24 (Twenty four) hours and/or ‘no shows’ will be subject to a 1 (One) hour fee plus the call out fee (if applicable)
  18. Not attending an arranged appointment is subject to a ‘no show’ fee of 1 (One) hour
  19. Parts required for a project require full payment before they are ordered.
  20. Any items left at my office will be disposed of after 30 (Thirty) days of project date if not collected within that time.
  21. For on-site services, all invoice(s) to be paid in full while onsite.
  22. For repairs at my office, all invoice(s) to be paid on collection.
  23. I (K Kamgar) reserve the right for any correspondence(s) via email, telephone, letter or any other method unmentioned, to me personally, my company or to any company owned by me (K Kamgar) to be charged accordingly by the hour with a minimum of 1 (One) hour.
  24. Invoice(s) to be fully paid before release of any goods or unit(s).
  25. There is a 3% (Three percent) surcharge if payment is made with PIN, VISA, MASTERCARD, VPAY or PAYPAL.
  26. Invoice(s) is to be paid by due date, failure to do so will incur additional charges of 3.5% (Three and a half percent) to the invoice(s) due total, per week (7 days).
  27. Invoice(s) that have not been paid fully within a 21 (Twenty-one) day period after the due date on the invoice(s) will be sent to a debt collection service. Further costs may be added for administration. The client will then only deal with the debt collection service once this has occurred.
  28. Amendments to any invoice that have already been made will be charged at €25, (Twenty five Euros) If the changes needed are my fault this fee will be waved.
  29. You will always be supplied a full receipt and/or invoice if a printer is not available this will be sent by email.
  30. All prices quoted exclude BTW at 21% (Twenty one percent) unless stated.
  31. Your details can be used in the promotion of me or my company on my website(s).
  32. Telephone calls may/can/will be recorded. These recording will only be used for reviewing, training, support and/or disputes.
  33. If for any reason I want to use your details on a third party site or promotion you’ll be asked for your full consent.
  34. Your LinkedIn profile picture or similar social network picture will accompany any review that is placed on the website. Please send an email or a message via the site if you do not want this.
  35. I (K Kamgar) will automatically assume that you agree with all terms listed here on this page if this is not the case you are obliged without notice to give your objections in writing via email or typed letter.
  36. By reading and/or accepting the terms you also understand and agree with the privacy policy
  37. These terms are subject to change without notice.