I waste time with tech so you don't have to.

No geek talk. No fuss. No complexity. Just great support and advice when you need it most to help you with your tech and IT. Here's how I can help...

Keep IT Simple

I also publish videos, articles and podcasts about simplicity and productivity with tips and ideas on my blog and in my newsletter.

Hi, I'm Kia 👋

Pronounced 'K', it's a long story.

I'm a Tech Minimalist, Apple Specialist and a Daylite Consultant. And I simplify IT and create frictionless experiences that save time, money and headaches.

My focus is to train, support and advise professionals and small businesses to make better use of technology and make them more productive.

With over 30 years of Apple and tech strategy experience, I've worked with 1000's of amazing clients and their awesome projects throughout the years.

Kia and Woof!